It is clearly palpable Illuminati bloodline is preserved from the Nephilim. The Nephilim are a hybrid offspring who came about when Grigori (The Watchers) had union with earthly woman. The Grigori were created to be shepherds of the first humans. They served humanity by teaching them law and fairness, and their generosity was beyond compare. These Grigori were also called the Watchers, because it was their job to look after humans, offering a helping hand when needed thus, they were not to interfere the path of human development. They never sleep as they were to watch over humans at all times. The Watchers were the farthest from divine and more corruptible. Weakness was the reason why they abandoned their heavenly obligations and led corrupted lives. The Grigori, for lusting and neglecting their duties, were banned from divine society, fated to spend the rest of their days wandering this planet. Through weakness they interfered in the course of human development. Shortly after humans fell from grace, God promised to send a messiah, who would be the judgment over the serpent (Satan the devil). Satan was angered and upset knowing his days were short if the messiah, Jesus Christ was to be born. The seed of woman or Eve would produce the offspring that would win over Satan and destroy him. Rationally, if he pollutes the bloodline of Adam and Eve he would be able to safeguard his own existence. Satan was the most powerful Angel and who was filled with so much wisdom and knowledge given to him by the Creator. Because angels are sexless Satan With his knowledge he had genetically altered and corrupted these Watchers by giving them the capability to have sex. During and before the age of Noah the children of man had multiplied, and it was then these Angels saw how beautiful the daughters of man are and they lusted after them. And the Grigori took wives and the women bore hybrid progeny known as the Nephilim. Nephilim are giants with superior strength. These Nephilim are what are referred in ancient mythology as half man-half god. We all have read about them, and all these so called gods and the goddess were in fact Nephilim and The Watchers. These Grigori were Satan instrument to fulfill his agenda because they were more corruptible. Angles just like humans are given free will; they are either good or bad. Just like many of god creations these watchers were created to make a choice to accept God or reject him.  They were made eternal and their choices are irrevocable, and so when they formed a sexual relationship with human women they sinned. Sexual relationship was forbidden because Angles are immortals and they do not need to produce; although, humans are not, thus they must reproduce in order to gain immortality through their descendants. Even though these angels were to help Humans with needs, they taught man science, the magic in herbs, divination and sorcery and reading the stars. This teaching was extremely forbidden by god. And their children the Giants consumed most of their food from men, before they began to eat greedily ordinary humans and started sucking their blood. Human cried for help, and their cries reached god, and god saw that all his creation was corrupted on the face of the earth. Many of God’s creation was being corrupted , the sexual union between the fallen angels and Human woman was of like a “plague” infecting the human race, almost destroying the pure seed of Adam and Eve  the Messiah was  to come from. God was upset and he said he had decided to destroy men he’s created because what they’ve have become grieved him. The earth was filled with the Lawless ones. That is why the Flood happened, but god didn’t exactly destroy all the creatures. Noah wasn’t chosen because he was perfect, but because his bloodline wasn’t mixed the Watchers or the fallen angels. In order for god to keep his promise he had to destroy all of the things that could get on his way. The Seed of the fallen angels wasn’t just with Humans; it was also with animals that’s why god selected animals for Noah to take with him into the ark. God then destroyed everything and everyone on the planet except for Noah and his family and ten percent of the Nephilim, others who were found on earth were cast down to Tartarus to be kept into the darkness until the Judgment day comes. The few remaining of the Nephilim have now lost their flesh and power. They are what humans say, the demons. Demos are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim. The others were able to survive the flood and kept their identity a secret. The Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world are these Nephilim. There were also known in ancient times as tall or “giant people” in those old days.